Silicone Rubber Gasket Materials – Elastometric Material

Kemtron stock many types of elastomeric materials for flexible environmental sealing but specialising in silicones, fluorosilicones, solid and sponge that meet UL94V-0 and low smoke/ low toxicity. Other materials include Poron™ polyurethane, Neoprene™/chloroprene, EPDM etc. Silicone Rubber Gasket Materials can be supplied as sheet, strip, laminated, self adhesive backed or die cut to complex shapes. Liquid RTV silicone can be applied as a form in place gasket direct to customer’s hardware.

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Kemtron Environmental Sealing

Kemtron offers a number of Environmental Sealing materials solutions to our customer’s problems. We are at the forefront of providing the necessary components to maintain safety within hazardous area electrical systems ranging from the major plant environments all the way to the interface components of your electrical circuits.

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