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Electromagnetic Compatibility Solutions

With over 30 years’ experience in the Electromagnetic Compatibility industry, Kemtron has the knowledge, skills and resources to develop individual tailored EMC solutions that match your exact requirements. This might take the form of custom-designed products or advice to your product development team on the design of enclosures and fixings to improve shielding performance.

Solutions for new products
If you are designing new products, we recommend bringing in our technical team at an early stage in the development process. We can provide advice on design requirements that will ensure optimum shielding when used with the right electromagnetic compatibility product. We look at a wide range of factors including compression forces, shielding performance, galvanic compatibility, environmental sealing and flame resistance that will impact shielding performance through the life of your product and work with you to design a solution that balances performance, reliability and cost.

Improving existing products
We can also develop solutions for retro-fitted EMC products to overcome operational problems, improve shielding performance, or meet changing regulatory requirements. Here, we assess the existing product and design a solution that provides superior performance without modification to the existing enclosure or product.

Meeting special performance requirements
We work closely with many of the world’s leading material producers and keep up to date with the latest developments in EMC shielding technologies. That means we can meet the demands of customers who want to meet ever-increasing performance criteria or ensure reliable operation in extreme climatic, environmental or operational conditions.

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