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Knitted Wire Mesh

Knitted wire mesh gaskets provide an excellent cost effective EMI gasket, providing shielding in the magnetic as well as electric fields. Kemtron knit in four wire types, Monel, Stainless steel, aluminium and tin plated copper clad steel. Knitted mesh gaskets can be supplied as solid mesh or knitted over elastomeric cores with or without environmental seal in continuous lengths or fabricated to custom designs.

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Knitted Wire Mesh Kemtron

This product consists of a knitted wire mesh tape that is formed into a solid profile that is then over knitted making a continuous gasket strip. The conductive metallic knitted wire mesh is flexible and compressible which makes an excellent EMI gasket.

Knitted Wire Mesh Kemtron

This product is a knitted wire mesh over an elastomer core such as neoprene or silicone cellular or tube. Usually this consists of 2 layers of knitting over the elastomer core but small sections 1.5mm diameter requiring only 1 layer. The knitted mesh is then formed into the selected profile making a continuous gasket strip which is flexible and compressible and which makes an excellent RFI/EMI/EMP gasket.

Knitted Wire Mesh Kemtron

Manufactured from either solid knitted wire mesh or knitted wire mesh over an elastomer core bonded to an elastomer environmental seal.

Clip on knitted wire mesh gasket strip is a very flexible, easily compressible sponge EPDM tubular or bulb type gasket strip with a steel spring clip covered with a double knitted wire mesh layer for RFI/EMI shielding.

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