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Conductive Elastomers are fully cured silicones or fluorosilicone loaded with a variety of highly conductive particles providing superior EMI/RFI shielding performance combined with excellent environmental sealing for dust and water. The various conductive fillers are designed to ensure galvanic compatibility whilst providing low contact resistance between
mating surfaces.

Kemtron’s many years of manufacturing experience combined with quality control and compliance testing ensures our Conductive Elastomers are suitable for the most demanding situations, offering consistency time after time.

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Extrusion Profiles Kemtron

Kemtron manufacture a wide variety of profiles from our standard tooling. We are also able to produce to your exact requirement with minimal tooling cost. Extruded profiles are available in continuous, cut lengths or fabricated to your requirements, such as rectangles by vulcanizing the joints. This process uses the same conductive polymer compound. Ensuring complete electrical conductivity is maintained across the joints.

O Rings Kemtron

Kemtron’s experience in the manufacture of “O”rings is vast, our preferred method of production is extruded and jointed. We have a huge selection of vulcanizing tools to suit our standard extrusions. The jointing process uses the same conductive polymer compound ensuring complete electrical conductivity is maintained across the joints. Moulded versions are available if specifically requested. Both silicone & fluorosilicone with all varieties of conductive fillers are available for the manufacture of “O” rings.

Conductive Gaskets Kemtron

Flat gaskets are produced from moulded sheet using economic rule dies. Larger gaskets can be cut from moulded or fabricated picture frames. This option has the advantage of saving material and allows larger gaskets to be produced economically. Fabricated frames use either extruded or moulded flat section that is joined by vulcanizing the polymer. The same conductive polymer compound is used to vulcanize the joints ensuring complete electrical conductivity is maintained across the joint. This process has allowed Kemtron to produce gaskets up to 2 meters long, with the same mechanical and electrical integrity as is found in a single part gasket cut from sheet. This method of manufacture often offers cost savings over cutting from sheet with subsequent loss of waste material. Our in-house production facilities are suitable for prototype, short and medium production runs, up to commercial quantities.

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