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Beryllium Copper Finger Stock

Copper Beryllium EMI gaskets have superior mechanical spring characteristics and high electrical conductivity making them ideally suited to shielding application where frequent access is required such as shielded room doors. These are available in profiles to suit most EMI shielding applications including grounding. Many plating finishes are available to address galvanic compatibility concerns and enhance shielding performance.

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Beryllium Copper Kemtron

Beryllium copper (BeCu) spring finger stocks and contact gaskets are manufactured by punching or etching thin BeCu strip which is pressed and formed into the required final shape and then heat treated to give it ‘memory’. Due to their high conductivity, BeCu gaskets provide good EMI/RFI shielding together with low closure force properties and are available in a number of plated finishes and mounting styles. In certain closing applications the ‘wiping’ action enhances EMI shielding performance. The end product results in a low resistance contact finger stocks with excellent anti- corrosion properties that remains flexible within acceptable limits for many years.

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